Friday, 17 June 2016

Old photos and today's things to do in Dubrovnik

I use this opportunity to present 6 old Dubrovnik photos. Photos were scanned from early 20th century black&white picture album from unknown publisher. There are more photos which I will publish latter on, so keep watch on this blog. 
As a true fan of Game of Thrones I look at this photos and there is no better place in world to film those scenes than Dubrovnik. 

 We have selected Best things to do in Dubrovnik for You and Your family or friends. Check out this page often since Kacamarin offer is growing every day with new things to do in Croatia.

dubrovnik-city -walls
Dubrovnik city walls 20. century

  Port of Minčeta tower is the "House of undying" and where Dennerys dragons were kept.     Kings landing walls are filmed there as well. On game of thrones dubrovnik walking tour     
  You can visit Fort Minčeta.
Tourist bus in  20's Dubrovnik Fort Minčeta

Lokrum island view of old Dubrovnik. On Lokrum there is Game of Thrones museum where is held actual "Iron Throne" from King's Landing. The throne were bought by city of Dubrovnik and installed in benedictine monastery as part of Game of Thrones exhibition on island. 
Old Dubrovnik Lokrum sea view

Dubrovnik City walls 20. century photo

This particular photo could be just from Game of Thrones set, but it is real made somewhere on beginning of 20 century and represents Vrata od Ploča - entrance to old city of Dubrovnik. and again you can visit this locality in company of experienced local guide on this tour  game of thrones dubrovnik walking tour 

Dubrovnik Vrata od Ploča
Main Dubrovnik walking street - Stradun at beginning of 20 century. Unlike than at beginning of tourism days , nowdays there is a variety of things to do in Dubrovnik. Check the link to find out more.
Dubrovnik Stradun beginning of 20 century

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